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Now these days
Vasthu is playing a vital role in indian human life and covers the all

5 element1s of Vasthu- Earth, water, Air, Fire,

Vasthu specifies certain rules about constructing
the building which can be naturally implemented only at the time of
construction. So that, we offer you an “A SMALL SITE WITH VASTHU POTENTIAL”-
Enjoying the life better with the loving spouse.

For New Home-
We want you & your surroundings in a good environment which reflects in
your life. Buying a house is a big deal for your lifetime opportunity, like we
said “A HOME MAKES A PERFECT LIFE”. After a long, tiring day the man wants back
its own home where he is spending the most memorable moments.

Living room is the forefront of the house, so
we can make it wider and large compared to other rooms. East side & North
side living room is beneficial, according to Vasthu. It gives a positiveness to
your home. But don’t construct your living room on the west and south side. It
is not the good sign for your home. There should be more numbers of doors &
window in the living room. All rooms are connected to living room, it
keeps your family a unit. The lighting & the ventilation
should be proper in the living room.

Bed Room-
After a long, tiring busy working day you need some rest, so the bedroom style
is needed to refresh your sleeping space all the inspiration you need for a
stylish comfortable sleeping space.

are offering A Dreaming sumptuous bedroom with some suitable direction-

to vasthu the master bedroom is always kept on the southwest or northwest side as it gives stability & strength to discuss the important issue.

children's bedrooms northwest or west side is best. It's ruled by Vayu or Air which relates to
movement, it gives confidence for the children to go forward.

bedroom should be kept in Northeast, Southeast direction. It gives a loss of
wealth, obstruction, in work & delay in marriage of children, aggressive
and quarrel, so we can avoid this room.

One most
important thing to waste that never kept your bedroom in the middle of the
house. As it called Brahmasthan in Vasthu.

And always be in mind that when you wake up in the morning your right foot
should set first on the floor.

As per Vasthu northeast cleaner is suitable place for the bathroom
whenever it is at home, building or any
room. Marble or granite tiles are not used for the flooring in the bathroom.
The floor level of bathroom has been always ½ feet higher than the ground

Northeast, East, North- Washbasin, Bathtubs, & shower

Northwest, South, West- Commode or WC

North, East- Mirrors

Kitchen is very important part of Vasthu. Where the females spending their too
much time in the preparation of food for all the members.

According to Vasthu kitchen is always kept in the southeast part of the home.
The door should be open on clockwise. The person who is cooking should face
east as it brings good health for the members of the house.

Refrigerator, Cooking stove- Southeast

Sink- Northeast

Waterfilter- Northeast

Electrical appliances- Northeast

Storage shelves, attics- South, West

Dining Room- Now these days the designing of the dining is
different according to the test, style of the human. But it rather should be
built according to the norms of vasthu, which keeps your home atmosphere
perfect with positiveness. Vasthu Colour is also important for the dining room.
Light green, orange, cream, Light pink are applicable for dining room walls.

In dining table the head of the family should face the east, while the rest
members should either face east, west or north. But avoid facing south any of
family members. It will create quarrel in the home.

Keep the dining table near to the kitchen & don’t make your dining table,
round, egg shaped or irregular. It is always should be square, rectangular in

At Mtorris we give you the flexibility to choose
your dream house based on various parameters.

To Know complete details about available properties
( 1/2/3/4 BHK Appartment, Plots , Villas), Kindly call us or email us.

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